No One Will Read This…

Hello contemporary America. The situation and proposal I am about to describe may sound farfetched but I implore you to continue to the end of this and only then decide whether or not you believe it, and beyond that, if this is for you.
Your popular culture has, no doubt, furnished you with the idea of and fictional implementation of time travel through movies, printed media and other outlets. Because of this you may or may not put stock in human ability to manipulate the time space continuum and thus may or may not believe that time travel is in fact possible. All of this that I am telling you is to prime you for a realization and a proposition. Time travel is not only a very real possibility but also has been implemented successfully. Technology, moving forward at an astronomical rate has birthed the notion an implementation of the automobile, genetic manipulation and even put a super computer in the palm of your hands that allows you access to all of the worlds information.
From my vantage point, several hundred years from what you are experiencing as the present, I have looked back and seen that all of human creativity and energy were dispersed in an infinite number of directions from the creative to the scientific. Well, not too far off in the future a unifying force will draw together a collaborative effort of the greatest minds this planet had to offer. This was significant for two reasons, one was the sheer drive that would be needed to bring such minds together and the other was, due to the ever expanding population, there will be naturally more minds to work with.
You may be wondering what the point of all this is and why I even disseminated this information to a number of outlets. This is by far the easiest aspect of my intentions to explain. I am in search of a very particular individual. I do not know them yet, nor is it someone I have already chosen for this purpose. I have been tasked to select a single individual to accompany me to my present, your future. I cannot leave the room I am staying in to interact with multiple people for the simple fact that any of my actions could conceivably and irrevocably alter the landscape that has yet to unfold itself. Thus, this ad that presents, by all calculations, low enough stakes and risks as to be acceptable to the parameters of my mission, for lack of a better term.
If you are reading this, and can conform to the following stipulations, you will be considered in the running to ultimately be chosen to accompany me. As a brief aside, please understand I cannot divulge anything further than the vaguest details of my time as to minimize the impact of my presence and prevent unacceptable temporal distortion.
First and foremost, if you are to be considered you must have very few or no ties to your community. If you were to disappear and people would take notice to the effect of involving authorities of influence then you are disqualified. The unforeseeable action taken by friends or family could easily distort the established temporal landscape of my era and result in unknowable and possibly catastrophic outcomes.
Next, you will need to posses language fluidity. As can be imagined spoken language has and will continue to change, therefore you will need to be alert and learn quickly. If I were to speak to you in the parlance of my time, it is entirely possible you would have no understanding of my meaning, and I have taken great pains and done my best to write this in relatable, contemporary terms.
Third, you must leave all object of this time where they belong. You may bring neither photographs, personal keepsakes nor any devices capable of displaying or recording information. The reason for this will be made clear to you if you are indeed chosen for this journey.
Finally, you must be mentally capable of prolonged periods of limited interaction. As a natural consequence of travel between lands or time, the concern of illness or disease becomes an issue. The first thirty days of your inhabitation of my native time will be spent in a quarantine, during which time you will be monitored and inoculated for various maladies. This is not only to protect you from the advanced forms of disease that exists in my time, but to protect those around you from more primitive microbes, and the like, that the humans of my era would have no immunity to.
These stipulations are of the utmost importance and must be adhered to, to the exclusion of all other concerns. I am willing to spend as much of my time and energy as necessary to ensure the protocols are followed to the letter, and if for any reason I deem you or your situation as a threat to my objective I will discontinue communication and dissolve any ties thereof.
This will be an experience that will tax you both physically and mentally and will in essence disconnect you from your current life completely. There will be no return trip as it has been calculated to be an unacceptable risk. This is a one way voyage after which you will be expected to adapt and assimilate to new and alien surroundings and culture. Consider all I have said and treat this information with no little weight.
To be considered for this position please respond with acknowledgement of the aforementioned criteria along with a short biography of yourself. Please include any information about yourself that you consider relevant to this experiment and may prove an asset. If you have read my account and consider it beyond belief there are no words that can be expressed to convince you to the contrary. Those of you who accept what I have offered, I eagerly await your replay.
Also, if there are any questions you may have about the protocol, the journey, myself or the future you may also send those along with your correspondence, but I cannot promise answers if that information could potentially be harmful to any party involved.

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