Episode 186: You’re Hired… Again

Not to start things off too sad but this will more than likely be the last time we have Adam with us in studio, unless this has all be a cruel joke. But we talk about Mr. Pibb, jobs, loogies, interviews, duels, masturbation and tons more. We also get a little tip on things not to do at our pre-wedding party. You can also say hello to a new game. All of that and more awaits you!


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One Response to Episode 186: You’re Hired… Again

  1. Derek Sponge says:

    The new quiz was not bad. If it’s going to have legs it will probably need expanding to “Unreasonable Reviews for Reasonable Films”. You will have to plunder more than one well for the reviews too.
    More quizzes I say! Thinking about it there must be a better name for that quiz, perhaps a competition would yield results.

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