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Bonus Episode: Custer’s Last Stand Mode w/GSH

Here we go guys, another great bonus episode with your friends and mine from Gaming Starts Here! The third time these guys have been back on the show and I have a blast every time they come back. Snax, Status … Continue reading

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Episode 165: Toren to Shreds

Ok kids, this week special guest Toren Atkinson joins us for the show. The host of the Caustic Soda Podcast sat in and played along with us as this boat sank. The forbidden Craigslist ad was brought up and then … Continue reading

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Episode 164: Carpet Talk

This week Andy has been replaced by a chap named Larson. He is a character I wanted to get to know and I think you’ll see why. There will be a return to normalcy next week but we still have … Continue reading

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Episode 163: Damn it Brenda!

Welcome back to the show guys! Andy is out this week and we replaced him with an apt young lady Alex who did a great job. But lets not also forget that Suds from the Ragtime Podcast is in studio! … Continue reading

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