The First Blog Post

Looking at life and getting angry at things is how a lot of people live. Those of us who are truly blessed can get angry at something but we know that we will be the life of the party because of it. We all have put ourselves into situations we knew we’d hate because we were sure it would make a killer story for our friends and family. I knowingly went out of my way to embarrass, aggravate, annoy and demean myself because someone else would get a laugh out of it. That is what comedy comes from, right? If you heard someone telling a story where everything worked out and the rainbow yielded that pot of gold instead of a pile of dog shit, it might make you feel good, but will it make you laugh?

I’ve always chosen to be the funny guy in favor of being the nice guy. If someone hates me I can still make them laugh, but heartwarming anecdotes will give them no reason to grudgingly admit that at least something about me isn’t a total loss. With a joke I can turn someones hatred into a win for me. That’s a total score for the home team to take a losing battle with humanity and turn it on it’s ear. Look at your own life everyone, and turn those terrible times into a reason for people to love you. Sure that Christmas where you got that hat with the troll head on it was a loss at the time, but now you have a perfectly good reason to have all eyes on you. Remember, it may be out of your comfort zone for a little while, but people will thank you for it later with their laughs!

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