A Story From Ben

One day, Dave was waiting on someone else to start their podcast. He realized all of the things wrong with himself as they began in a timely manner. The result was a change in his mindset… oh, wait, that was just a terribly desired dream of Ben’s.

Ben woke up as he did every day at the crack of noon and boarded his zeppelin to go to work. It was big, noisy and illegal in 49 states but it was cool because it had a picture of Theodore Roosevelt and Clint Eastwood stabbing Nazis on one side and a more obscure one of Robbie the Robot throttling H.G. Wells throttling a bemused George Orwell on the other. It doesn’t have to make sense because its just too big and detailed for anyone to dare question it.

As he flew to work, he casually picked off frightened jackrabbits from a mere 50 feet above the ground with his 1903A3 rifle with armor piercing M2 bullets. Once again, no point other than reasons which one would have to be Ben to appreciate. And you are not friggin’ Ben!!!

I heard they once found a bunch of cat skeletons in the dumpster at the Autumn Moon. Seems plausible.

The End

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